Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements continue to create challenges for feed industry companies, so it’s valuable to hear from a few of the top regulatory managers in the field. 

At the FSMA roundtable discussion during the 2016 PISC Conference on March 9, Jim Barritt, government and regulatory manager for Mars Petcare North America; Kristi Krafka, vice president regulatory affairs for Kemin Animal Nutrition; and Ryan Brown, global supplier process manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition shared their experiences in dealing with compliance and offered exclusive tips for successful implementation throughout an organization.

Here are their top three FSMA tips:

1.       Setting policy to create a culture of compliance must start at the top. C-level executives should initiate the culture and tout it throughout the entire organization.


2.       Be prepared to allocate resources. Dedication to food safety and compliance must be backed up with allocation of sufficient resources, including training and head count for full support.

3.       Transparency with your customers and suppliers is essential. Realize that speed to compliance is now largely driven by customers, and increased communication and interactions should be embraced. Help suppliers understand not only what they need to do, but why.

Food safety is now common practice among all members of the animal feed industry and it must remain a top organizational priority. Companies should create and implement FSMA guidelines as permanent fixtures of their corporate culture to better ensure long-term success.