Leading poultry house equipment supplier, Diversified Imports, recently hired Donnie Wright to support their Rotem line of products, including the industry’s top selling house controller, the Rotem Platinum Plus. As Field Support Specialist, Wright will work with producers across North America to install, troubleshoot and provide training for Rotem controllers, communicators, backup and scale systems.

With more than 23 years of experience in the poultry industry and 17 years as an electrician—including 13 years servicing Rotem equipment for an independent dealer—Wright has decades of first-hand knowledge of Rotem products.

“When I bought my chicken houses they had another brand of controllers,” said Wright. “I removed them and installed Rotem first thing. The Rotem functionality makes it easier to teach and much easier to troubleshoot than other controllers. In my new role, I’m really enjoying getting to know the producers and helping them find ways to better manage their houses.”