WATT’s EcoAgri.Biz has launched three newsletters designed to offer readers even more specialized news on agribusiness sustainability. Starting with the September issue, the EcoAgri.Biz digital magazine is being split into EcoAgri.Biz — Feed Update, EcoAgri.Biz — Pig Update, and EcoAgri.Biz — Poultry Update. Each will be published monthly. Readers can subscribe to one, two, or all three newsletters. The digital EcoAgri.Biz magazine will no longer be published.

"We think this is an exciting change for EcoAgri.Biz readers," says editor Ed Clark. "We'll have even more articles finely tuned to industry needs. We’ll keep the best of what EcoAgri.Biz offers now: the latest on cost-effective sustainability for agribusiness, and add even more news on eco-sustainability by each sector in an easy to read format."


To subscribe to EcoAgri.Biz or to see the latest issues, go to www.EcoAgri.Biz