"Poultry health/diseases" was the top issue for the U.S. poultry industry for the next six months according to a recent WATT-Rennier Poultry Confidence Index (PCI) survey poll.

Poultry health was the top issue in the same survey two years ago, but had fallen to second place in 2015 behind "regulatory issues."


"Poultry health" is again a top issue for the U.S. poultry industry after falling to second place in 2015 behind "regulatory issues."

Although respondents were not asked to explain their choices, we can speculate that potential issues with avian influenza drive much of this concern. In addition, recent antibiotic-free poultry integrators might be struggling to fine tune their new health programs.


"Regulatory issues" remained a top concern for about six in 10 respondents ("poultry health" and "regulatory issues" have been the top two concerns for the last three years). The "general economy" – which placed third the last three years – once again rounded out the top three issues.

With the exception of the "export market" – which rose in importance versus a year ago – the other factors were either similar to or of less worry over this time period.

Anxiety over "grain prices" continued to decline, from a high of 90 percent of respondents three years ago to just 12 percent in this latest survey.


"Bird health/disease" is a top concern for 67 percent of the poultry industry.