Biomin recently released the findings of its 2015 Mycotoxin Survey. The survey analyzed more than 8,000 samples from 75 countries. Here are some of the key numbers from the report:

  • 8,271 samples from 75 countries
  • 6 main agriculturally-relevant mycotoxin groups: aflatoxin (Afla), zearalenone (ZEN), deoxynivalenol (DON), T-2 toxin, fumonisin B1 (FB1) and ochratoxin A (OTA)
  • 77 percent of samples from Europe were contaminated with DON
  • 55 percent of samples from Asia were contaminated with ZEN
  • 67 percent of samples from North America were contaminated with DON
  • 70 percent of samples from South America were contaminated with FUM
  • 31 mycotoxins and metabolites found per sample on average
  • 9 out of 10 samples were contaminated with Fusarium toxins, Penicillium toxins, or both
  • 96 percent of samples contained 10 or more mycotoxins and metabolites