Cobb Nepal recently hosted 120 customers for a one-day seminar in Kathmandu, Nepal, where good results are being achieved with the Cobb breed in sometimes challenging conditions.

Members of the Cobb World Technical Support Team gave presentations on important topics including ventilation, male and female management, hatchery, and most importantly biosecurity and disease control management.

Mohammad Ismail, sales director for Cobb Asia-Pacific, stated: “Although there are few houses with modern environmental controls in Nepal, many of the older style open-sided houses can still be managed to get good performance and benefit from the Cobb genetic potential.


“We are a global company that supports our customers and their markets, and we’re really pleased to see that our customers are confident and happy with our product," said Ismail. "Some participants traveled more than six hours to attend this seminar. It was valuable for us to meet with many of our long-time friends and learn more about their business needs, challenges and success stories.

“Even though Nepal is a small market, Cobb has a substantial market share and we look forward to continued growth.

“We want to thank Cobb Nepal for their hospitality and for organizing the conference. Customers who participated have expressed gratitude for the valuable knowledge gained during their time with us.”