The National Poultry and Food Distributors Association Scholarship Foundation is accepting applications now through May 31. This is the 37th year of the NPFDA scholarship, which began when its leadership saw the need for outstanding “People Resources” in the agricultural industry. In 1986, the William Manson Family Memorial Scholarship and the Alfred Schwartz Memorial Scholarship Awards were established. In 1997, NPFDA named a third scholarship award: the Albin S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Award.

In the past the Foundation has presented almost $215,000 to a select group of deserving students who are earning a degree in poultry, agriculture or related fields. The yearly award has increased to $2,500 per student and the number of students awardees has increased to five. Two students will be chosen from NPFDA member companies (employees or children of employees). In spring of 2015, 81 eligible applications were considered. Four scholarship recipients and an alternate were chosen.

Information for current students who want to apply is at


All applications and documents are due by May 31. Only official transcripts will be considered after that due to the short time frame between the end of the semester and the deadline.

In late spring, the scholarship committee will review all applicants. The winners are chosen based on their aspirations, extracurricular activities, as well as their academic progress. It is NPFDA’s goal not only to help students achieve their degrees, but to help students who may become effective leaders in the poultry industry one day.