Kreider Farms cage-free layer flocks have achieved American Humane Certified certification from the American Humane Association (AHA).

On March 30, the Washington-based animal welfare organization announced Kreider, the 18th largest egg producer in the U.S. according to research from WATT Global Media, has met its farm animal welfare standards certification. The Pennsylvania-based egg producer supplies shell eggs to supermarkets and wholesalers in the northeastern U.S. and sells cage-free eggs under the Noah’s Pride brand.

"Kreider Farms acknowledges (the AHA’s) contribution and commitment to the humane movement. We are proud to receive the American Humane Association's certification," Byron Shaffer, food safety and quality manager at Kreider Farms, stated in a news release.


Americans are becoming more concerned about the treatment of livestock. According to a recent poll conducted by the the American Humane Association, 94.9 percent of Americans are “very concerned” about farm animal welfare, and 75.7 percent are willing to pay more for humanely raised eggs, meat, and dairy products, up from 74 percent in 2013.

The AHA offers welfare certification programs for cage-free egg programs as well as other certification services for livestock farmers. In a news release, Robin Ganzert, the AHA’s president and CEO, said cage-free is a growing segment of the egg industry as more retailers and food service providers commit to purchase only cage-free eggs in the near future.

“We commend Kreider Farms for making the humane choice,” Ganzert stated.