Great moms are our everyday unsung heroes. They are the ones who do it all, and do it all for us, without asking for any recognition. Great moms often go without praise. Now, Armour, the makers of products such as frozen meatballs, pepperoni and portable meal kits, is helping change that by showing their appreciation for these daily champions.

To celebrate, Armour is launching its "Great Moms" campaign, a national and integrated plan designed to acknowledge, highlight and reward great moms across the country that go above and beyond each day and still take the time to provide their families with great meals. The campaign will include monthly events across the country from April through November to surprise and celebrate unexpected great moms for their extraordinary efforts in their communities and at home.

In addition, Armour will sponsor a national sweepstakes to reward a great mom with $5,000 in free groceries. One great mom will be randomly selected and awarded the grand prize in December. The campaign and sweepstakes will be promoted through radio, Armour's Facebook page and website, and limited edition packaging graphics featured on select Armour products. The special packaging will be available in-store beginning in June. In addition, Armour will be sharing stories of great moms on Facebook and encouraging everyone to get involved and honor their own great mom.


"We are thrilled to introduce this one-of-a-kind campaign from Armour," said Chuck Gitkin, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Smithfield Foods. "Everyone knows a great mom and we want to share their stories, and reward and recognize them. We're proud to show our support for all the great moms across the country." Armour is a brand of Smithfield Foods.

Earlier this year, Armour reintroduced their iconic jingle with repurposed lyrics to coincide with the national campaign to honor great moms. The new jingle features a variety of Armour products and will be heard throughout the year across multiple radio spots.