The European Union has published the new guidelines for the assessment of feed additives on May 22. Regulation 1831/2003 directed that new guidelines had to be established. Since then, there have been discussions within the Standing Committee on the food chain and animal health, the animal nutrition section and with the Food and Safety Authority (EFSA).


When the new guidelines become effective, the registration of feed additives will change. The new guidelines are more than 100 pages long. A lot is described about how to submit a dossier and there are a lot of 'if's' and 'then's.' However, despite the size of the new guidelines, greay areas remain as it is difficult to cover every possibility in the guidelines, notes Ruud Bremmers, feed regulatory specialist and principal of Regal BV.
The new guidelines cover feed additives that have never been registered before as well as all the additives that need re-registration. There are also areas covering special categories such as petfood and so-called "minority species."