Hamlet Protein has appointed Scott Moore as the first president of its U.S. sales and production subsidiary Hamlet Protein Inc.

Moore has worked for a number of companies in the U.S. agribusiness and food industry, giving him extensive experience of the animal nutrition and meat production business. Recently, he led the Monogastric Business at Novus International. Previous employers include Perdue Farms, Land O’Lakes and Novartis Animal Health.

Hamlet Protein CEO Søren Munch says, “Scott has the right background and profile to strengthen and develop our already strong position in the U.S. market.”


Hamlet Protein started production at its plant in Findlay, Ohio, in 2012 following successful penetration of the North American piglet and broiler starter feed market. Since then, plant capacity has been expanded twice to meet growing demand from North America and Asia. The plant now has three fully operational lines producing specialty soy proteins for young animal feed. Further expansions are expected. With this rapid growth, Hamlet Protein’s U.S. business is a size that warrants the appointment of a president to strengthen and unite the organization.

“I am very pleased to lead the Hamlet Protein team in the USA,” says Moore. “As president, I look forward to capitalizing on the recent expansion of our plant in Findlay, accelerating our efforts with customers, and executing our overall strategy.”