Rembrandt Foods plans to build a cage-free egg production site in Lake Preston, South Dakota.  The facility expansion will initially house approximately 3 million cage-free layers, in planned phases. The facility will have on-site breaking equipment, with further growth planned.

The South Dakota location was selected for its central location, access to feed, and biosecurity benefits. Construction will begin in 2016, with the first hens introduced in 2017.

New facility ‘another step closer’ to facilitating cage-free demand

The site will significantly expand the existing cage-free egg production and processing capacity of Rembrandt Foods. This investment aligns with the commitment to cage-free expansion and growth that the company announced in 2015.


 “We recognize the growing consumer demand for cage-free eggs and egg products and as a leader in this industry, we are committed to supporting our customers’ cage-free needs,” said Dave Rettig, President of Rembrandt Foods.  “The Lake Preston operation reflects our interest in a cage-free future and we are excited to make this investment.”

“A cage-free supply chain isn’t built overnight,” Rettig added, “but the Lake Preston facility puts us another step closer to facilitating a cage-free standard.”

Rembrandt Foods worked with the State of South Dakota, Kingsbury County and the community of Lake Preston in the planning stages for the new facility.

“Rembrandt Foods will be a welcome addition to South Dakota’s robust agriculture industry,” said South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard. “I want to thank Rembrandt for choosing to do business here.”