Sarah Stephenson, Director of Animal Welfare, is the latest addition to the United Egg Producers (UEP) staff. Stephenson is a recent graduate of Auburn University where she majored in Poultry Science and minored in Agricultural Economics and Hunger Studies.

A rural upbringing in Alabama has allowed Stephenson to observe and work in broiler production early on. At Auburn, she had a variety of internships, such as technical service with New Life Mills of Hanover, Ontario; government affairs with Tyson Foods in Washington, DC; and sales with Elanco Animal Health around Nashville, Tenn. Stephenson has a long-term vision of engaging in global market access initiatives and international development.


These experiences are fitting for Stephenson’s new role. She will work to carry out the UEP Certified program with the hopes of streamlining and simplifying processes for companies. Stephenson will help develop and implement UEP’s animal welfare strategy, through engagement with the Scientific Advisory Council for Animal Welfare, Producer Committee for Animal Welfare and others. In time, Stephenson will become a voice for UEP in the animal welfare sphere.