The renowned Chinese duck producer Shandong Rongda Agricultural Development has invested in a greenfield HatchBrood facility. This means that ducklings will be brooded in an optimally controlled environment during the crucial four days’ post-hatch.

The facility will be located in the rural town of Gaotang in Shandong province and have a total brooding capacity of 380,000 ducks per week. It will include eight HatchBrood units and a central system for cooling, heating and ventilation.

“We have chosen the HatchBrood system to ensure that our ducklings will be given an optimal start,” says Bao-Qi Xu, president of Shandong Rongda Agricultural Development. “This enables us to deliver a more developed and robust duckling to our growers. Besides easier management and better performance, HatchBrood will also increase the number of annual cycles and reduce heating costs.”


“Rongda Shandong Agricultural Development is one of the most renowned and fastest-growing duck producers in China,” says Huibert Jan van Veelen, HatchTech’s International Sales Manager in China.

“We’re proud that Rongda has selected HatchTech as their partner in further optimizing their production efficiency," says Veelen. "We’re excited that, with this project, we will be setting a new standard for duckling brooding in China.”