The Arbor Acres® team and CHI Farms Ltd., an Arbor Acres parent stock distributor, recently hosted a one-day seminar on improving poultry performance through reliable genetics. Entitled Arbor Acres Day, the meeting was held in Ibadan, Nigeria, and was attended by representatives from broiler, breeder companies and hatcheries in the region.

The event included a number of presentations from Aviagen® experts, covering key topics from Best Brooding Practices by Zied Azzez, technical service manager to Maintaining Persistency of Production in Hot Tropical Environments by Neil Clark, regional technical manager and Intestinal Health Management to Control Coccidiosis by Dr. Zoltan Marton.


“The annual Arbor Acres CHI Seminar is our opportunity to share knowledge, advice and updated practices for the Arbor Acres breed. The topics were carefully selected to meet the current needs of the customers’ local industry. This is why it has been important to work with CHI on the planning and content of the seminar,” said International Commercial Manager, Puzant Dakessian, who introduced the seminar with updates on Aviagen and Arbor Acres. “We are so grateful to everyone for their hard work in organizing this great event. This year we are delighted to celebrate 10 years of cooperation with CHI Farms, our Arbor Acres distributor in Nigeria. We want to thank CHI for their commitment to Arbor Acres and their successful promotion of the brand in Nigeria.”

Dr. Rotimi Akinlolu, sales and marketing manager, CHI Farms, added "In addition to our main role of sustaining local production by driving our overall capacity towards contributing our quota to national food security, we are also committed to investing resources in training and development programs for local growers and farmers, making them aware of modern production methods.