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on May 3, 2016

Produmix highly visible at swine conference

The company was one of the main sponsors of CAPORC meeting in Costa Rica

Produmix was one of the main sponsors of a conference organized by CAPORC (acronym in Spanish for Costa Rican Chamber of Pork Producers) and held recently in San José, Costa Rica.

Producers from Central America attended the conference where different professionals presented lectures on the current swine market in these countries and on the health, feeding and care of pigs.

Produmix presented its range of products, which provide optimal, safe, profitable growth of animals and can improve the homogeneity in litters.

Advances in genetics have led to hyper-prolific sows, which produce bigger litters with higher weight variability. The company says its R&D has led to technologically advanced products that are able to achieve a greater uniformity in piglets.

Produmix continues expanding in the Costa Rican market, where the Spanish firm has been a leader in the development of base mixes for piglets for over a decade.

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