John Lloyd, well known supplier of a wide range of poultry to small producers in England, has died suddenly at the age of 76.

He specialized in brooding chickens, turkeys and geese for the first critical few weeks, when they require heat, and then selling them to producers who rear them typically on free range for sale at farm shops or local markets.

Round the year he sold a variety of specialty chicken breeds suited to slow growing markets, then during the summer turkeys to be reared for the traditional Christmas farm fresh sector and a heavy strain of geese imported from Germany.

The business, John Lloyd Poultry, began more than 30 years ago when he moved from a career selling animal feed in Lincolnshire for several of the large manufacturers. He set up the business near his home at Collingham, Newark, Nottinghamshire, and then he was joined seven years ago by his son Edward who took over the operation and now runs it from his farm at Girton a few miles away.

John Lloyd was a long serving council member of British Goose Producers. The BGP chairman John Franklin said Lloyd would be greatly missed by their members: “John added a down-to-earth approach to our meetings, giving us the benefit of his expertise in the poultry industry, making our meetings and farm walks all the more interesting and colorful for his presence. Our condolences go to his family.”