Animine, the French global supplier of value-added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition, has appointed Pulte GmbH & Co. KG as its strategic marketing and commercial support partner in Germany and Austria. Under this partnership, Pulte will work closely with Animine to develop the market and product positioning.

HiZox®, a potentiated form of zinc oxide for piglet and poultry diets, is the first product to be launched in this area. Manufactured by a patented technology which gives unique chemical and physical properties to the product, HiZox® is backed by scientific results from well-known research organisations. Pulte will benefit from Animine’s experience in similar countries with the same regulatory constraints and market maturity. “We are confident that our solutions, which are not only performing and cost effective, but also legal, safe and sustainable, will be very well received by German customers” said Stéphane Durosoy, founder and CEO of Animine.


“Animine supplies innovative feed additives produced in Europe. HiZox® fits perfectly into our portfolio as its usage is beneficial for animal performance and health, and for the environment. This reflects our vision ‘Wir machen den Unterschied. Natürlich.‘” explained Doris Pulte, managing director of PULTE GmbH & Co. KG