The poultry industry has been systematically improving worker safety over the last three decades, with current injury/illness rates now essentially the same as manufacturing as a whole. To continue this improvement and as a method of overcoming some of the language barriers that can occur in poultry plants, USPOULTRY has developed a series of posters and companion short animated videos with the goal of illustrating some basic concepts with few, if any, words. The materials address correct posture, adjusting workstands, keeping tools sharp, recognizing symptoms and early treatment. The information is available in two versions: English/Spanish and English/Spanish/Somali.

“The ergonomic materials are only one example of how funds generated by the International Poultry Expo, part of the International Production & Processing Expo, are directed back into the industry. We value the support of our members and exhibitors that has allowed USPOULTRY to create and distribute this information,” said Paul Hill, West Liberty Foods, Ellsworth, Iowa, and USPOULTRY chairman.

“The diverse workforce in poultry plants results with many different languages being spoken and presents a great challenge to safety and human resources staffs to adequately train the workforce. We hope that the approach utilized in this series of posters and videos will help increase the awareness of ergonomic principles in our workforce and overcome language barriers,” said Paul Pressley, executive vice president of industry programs, USPOULTRY.

The posters and videos are available on the USPOULTRY website and can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.