With July’s National Hot Dog Month fast approaching, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) has created a new National Hot Dog Month Planning Guide for hot dog enthusiasts around the country to use in preparing for their celebrations throughout the month. The guide features details on the history of hot dogs as well as ideas for local Hot Dog Month festivities and tips for retailers and restaurants to showcase hot dogs.

“As the iconic, all-American food, there’s no better month to celebrate hot dogs than the same month that we celebrate our nation’s independence, said NHDSC President Eric Mittenthal. “So many people love hot dogs that hot dog themed events are guaranteed to draw a crowd and put a smile on everyone’s face.”

While the entire month of July is National Hot Dog Month, the NHDSC has declared July 14 to be this year’s National Hot Dog Day. On this day, the Council will host the Annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill, one of the most popular social events in Washington, D.C. During the lunch, which has been celebrated for decades in Washington, more than 1,000 lawmakers, Administration officials and Capitol Hill staff gather in a courtyard for one of the biggest hot dog picnics ever held. The Council hopes that retailers, foodservice operators and meat processors will “piggyback” on the excitement of the lunch and sponsor simultaneous events in their local areas.


The guide also addresses the popular, but incorrect, view spread on the internet that July 23 is National Hot Dog Day each year.

“The Hot Dog Day confusion is likely due to the fact that our Annual Hot Dog Lunch has fallen on the 23 a couple of times over the years, said Mittenthal. “We encourage everyone to hold National Hot Dog Day celebrations on July 14th, but since all month is National Hot Dog Month, a celebration on any day is welcome!”

The full planning guide and other resources on consumption trends, regional hot dog styles, hot dogs in baseball and hot dog myths are all available at www.hot-dog.org.