Costco is moving forward to its plans to have a poultry plant built near Fremont, Nebraska, according to a news release from the Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC).

On May 20, Costco Wholesale Corporation filed a petition for annexation and rezoning for a poultry processing complex at Hills Farm, an industrial tract located south of Cloverly Road, Fremont.

“This location with its infrastructure and industrial character is a great fit for the project,” Fremont City Council President Larry Johnson stated. “We look forward to playing our role in the approval process.”


Costco had earlier proposed a site near Nickerson, Nebraska, north of Fremont. However, the Nickerson Board of Trustees voted against a land use change that would have made the plant possible.

The potential plant is to be be operated by Lincoln Premium Poultry to process poultry products exclusively for Costco.  GFDC, when announcing the initial plans, stated that the plant would employ about 1,100 people. Between 75 and 100 growers were expected to be needed to raise broiler chickens for the plant. In addition, an estimated 300,000 bushels of corn and 3,000 tons of soybean meal would be needed weekly to feed the chickens.