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GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) announced today the integration of PigCHAMP’s swine management software with GVL’s FeedLINK® Electronic Veterinary Feed Directive solution.

With this integration, pork producers will be able to access FeedLINK VFD information directly from their
PigCHAMP application and eventually import data and information between the two platforms.

“We are very pleased to be working with GlobalVetLINK to help pork producers manage the new VFD regulations more efficiently,” said Bob Brcka, General Manager of PigCHAMP. “Linking production activities captured by PigCHAMP to other data systems, like FeedLINK, provides producers with a single information source for better decision making.”


PigCHAMP is a global leader in providing a complete suite of farrow-tofinish record keeping and analysis solutions to the pork production industry.

GVL’s web-based FeedLINK eVFD system powered by GVL SmartEngine™ Technology provides end-toend management of Veterinary Feed Directives by streamlining fulfillment and tracking, and helps ensure accuracy of approved labels and compliance with data retention requirements.

“Integrating our software platform with other solution providers, such as PigCHAMP, offers the industry a tool to align production, diagnostic and treatment data,” said Cliff Smith, GVL Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to offer pork producers another option for managing compliance of Veterinary Feed Directives.”

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