Easy Bio, a leading company of global feed additives industry set on taking over the overseas markets, starting from Thailand which is one of the largest markets of South-East Asia.

Easy Bio announced that it opened an office in Bangkok to provide the convenient and differentiated services to the local customers. On May 19th, the opening ceremony was held with the presence of Dr. Stevenson Hwang, the head of BU, and Ms. Arichaya Narkchamnarn, the regional manager and other relevant people of industry and academy. The Thailand office will be mainly operated by Ms. Arichaya who is a regional manager of ACMD (Ayeywdy –Chao Phraya –Mekong Department) with her abundant experiences over in the regional livestock market over 10 years. 

Easy Bio is now introducing and distributing LIPIDOL, the world’s first absorption accelerator as well as various product lines in Thailand.


Dr. Hwang said “the establishment of Thai office is the starting point of our plan as a global leading company” and added that “we expect that this office will be the start point of business growth and development for the year of 2016.”

Easy Bio