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Frozen poultry
Alexander Kalina, Bigstock
on May 26, 2016

US frozen poultry inventory up in April

USDA report shows increase in chicken, turkey meat in cold storage when compared to previous month, year

The amount of poultry in cold storage increased for the month of April, seeing both a hike when compared to the previous month and the previous year.

According to the USDA Cold Storage report, released on May 23, total frozen poultry supplies on April 30 were tallied at 1.213 billion pounds,  up 4 percent when compared to their levels at the end of March (1.7 billion pounds), and also up 4 percent when compared to the same date in 2015.

Chicken in cold storage

Total stocks of chicken in cold storage on April 30 were recorded at 806 million pounds, up 2 percent from the 793 million pounds reported during the previous month, and up 5 percent from the 766 million pounds reported on April 30, 2015.

Turkey in cold storage

The total poundage of frozen turkey meat in storage was also up. The 397 million pounds most recently reported reflected an 8 percent increase when compared to the previous month (394 million pounds) and a 1 percent increase when compared to 368 million pounds of frozen turkey reported at the end of April 2015.

Duck meat inventory

The inventory of duck meat in cold storage declined slightly on a month-over-month basis, but the 10.4 million pounds in cold storage at the end of April was more than double the 5.18 pounds reported one year ago.

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