As concerns of antimicrobial resistance continue to grow worldwide, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has worked for a number of years to develop a set of international standards for animal antibiotic use to help protect the effectiveness of antibiotics used in veterinary medicine.

Upon the OIE's 84th General Session of the World Assembly of National Delegates, held in Paris, the OIE on May 24 introduced to its members a new strategy that builds on international standards it developed and revised in 2015. Implementing the strategy will enable countries to benefit from the series of measures developed by the OIE, to assist them in carrying out the following actions, detailed in this infographic:


The organization has asked its member nations to adopt the plan, stating in a press release that these initiatives “can only fully bear fruit if they are carried out effectively in these countries.

The OIE stated that it will continue to support its member nations as they raise awareness on the issue of antimicrobial resistance, including in regard to animal health and disease prevention on the farm, to contribute to a reduction in the quantities of antimicrobials used. A number of free resource materials will be made available to assist national communication campaigns.