Jari Latvanen has been named the new president and CEO of HKScan. Latvanen will be joining HKScan before the end of November 2016.

Aki Laiho, COO, will continue to serve as the deputy CEO until Latvanen assumes his new position.

Latvanen has served as a member of Stora Enso’s executive management team and head of consumer board since the beginning of 2015. He has previously served as CEO of Findus Nordic, in numerous leadership positions at Nestlé, and as sales and commercial director at HK Ruokatalo (today HKScan Finland) from 1995 to 2000.


Mikko Nikula, chairman of HKScan’s board of directors, said: “Jari Latvanen has solid experience managing the entire food chain from farm to fork. He also has a convincing track record of successful leadership in the fast-moving consumer goods business in an international environment and first-hand experience working on HKScan’s home markets. In my opinion, with Jari as our leader, we can develop HKScan’s business towards even more consumer and customer oriented direction thus making the corporation even stronger for its personnel, customers and owners.”

Latvanen also commented on his appointment. “I am delighted to be returning to HKScan and working with good food again. When I started out at HK Ruokatalo back in the mid-90s, the company was going through a phase of major transformation in Finland. Now we are seeing big global changes in the food industry and retail – the market is changing rapidly and food is trendier than ever,” he said.

“HKScan’s high-quality products, well-known brands, responsible operating policy and skilled personnel are the very assets we need to succeed in this ever-changing competitive environment and to develop the company on the course set by the board of directors.”