An award-winning supplier of food safety solutions has undergone a name change, moved to a new head office in the UK and re-launched its latest cutting-edge X-ray inspection systems to help the food industry detect foreign bodies and contaminants in products.

Anritsu Infivis Ltd (formerly Anritsu Industrial Solutions Ltd) has relocated its operation from Bromsgrove to Luton as part of a UK business overhaul which includes a new team focused on boosting its market share in the food industry by offering leasing, improved spares and service contracts along with its ultra-sensitive safety testing equipment.

Company Managing Director Osamu Tanaka is joined by experienced Sales Manager Eddie Daniels, Technical Support Engineer Steve Tillman and Office Administrator Angela Moore. The team will be targeting food companies with Anritsu’s latest technology such as the XR75 X-ray Inspection System, M5 Series Metal Detector and SSV Checkweighers.

Protecting consumers from contaminants in the food chain is paramount for both the retailer and supplier alike – finding the smallest fragment of bone or metal in any food products can be seriously damaging both financially and to a company’s reputation. X-ray inspection systems also need to offer other protection functions such as count, missing, fill, shape, weight and damage detection.

Anritsu’s exceptionally robust food safety technology meets the needs of today’s demanding food processing industry. In addition to contaminant detection its inspection systems can identify product shape defects and packaging integrity, while eliminating metal contamination is essential to guarantee the safety and integrity of food products.

Eddie Daniels, Anritsu’s UK Sales Manager, said: “In addition to the highest quality detection systems, our new company structure will further improve the service for customers. We supply X-ray inspection systems that are more than contaminant detectors - our equipment provides a range of additional sensory features to protect a product’s integrity, offering complete peace of mind.”


Anritsu’s range of X-ray inspection systems can detect the smallest contaminant in a huge variety of food from pasta, cookies and chocolate to finished poultry, beef and pork products, including fan, wish and rib bones in chicken breast meat.

X-ray inspection systems supplied by Anritsu are renowned for satisfying every regulatory safety standard around the world. Its UltraHD technology can detect down to 0.2mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel sphere at production line speeds. Anritsu’s ability to detect contaminants with high accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability is unmatched in the industry.

Metal detection is supplied by the KD and M Series - highly sensitive dual wave technology with built-in support features to improve productivity and accuracy. The equipment maximises sensitivity for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, whilst reducing false rejection rates to 0.01%.

Completing Anritsu’s range of food safety equipment is the highly versatile SSV Checkweighers for maximising safety and productivity. The SSV Series can weigh up to 310 products/minute with a scale value of 1 milligram (.001 grams) and accurate to ± .01 grams. The company’s checkweigher solutions are suitable for both packaged and unpackaged food items.

Anritsu designs and develops all its products in-house to support every solution with 100% confidence. Its food safety solutions have earned global recognition for their outstanding performance, capability and credibility.