PMI Nutritional Additives and Nuscience Group have announced a strategic partnership to benefit swine producers in North America.

"One of the major challenges of the swine industry today is health, and we are interested in the role that nutrition plays in supporting animal health”, said Katrien Deschepper, COO of Nuscience Group, at the 2016 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. The products that are being brought to North America as a result of this partnership are based on medium-chain fatty acids that have been extracted from vegetable oil, such as palm kernel oil.

Medium chain fatty acids have been shown to have certain antibacterial properties and can be incorporated in rations as part of an antibiotic-free program or can be used in conjunction with antibiotics. The initial application for these medium-chain fatty acid products will also be made available to dairy and poultry producers in North America at a later date.

“Through this partnership, we’ll be exceptionally well-positioned to provide novel functional feed components. By understanding modes of action and combining the components in an accurate way, this collaboration will help deliver optimized performance by supporting nutrient utilization and gut health in poultry, swine, dairy and cattle,” says Tim Makens, general manager of PMI Nutritional Additives

“We are very pleased with this partnership for the U.S. market. Collectively, Nuscience and PMI Nutritional Additives bring a wealth of international knowledge and decades of experience in animal nutrition, strong research capabilities, a deep understanding of the feed industry and a wide distribution network. Specifically-made products for the U.S. market, which incorporate these functional components, will be introduced exclusively by PMI Nutritional Additives to feed nutritionists, manufacturers and integrators in the U.S.”