The General Assembly of the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (FEFANA) met in Brussels on 9 June 2016. Following the election of Board members, the meeting congratulated Mr. Gerritjan van der Ven to his election to become the association’s new President as of 13 June 2016.

Mr. van der Ven succeeds Mr. Marco Bruni who has been thanked by the General Assembly for his successful four-year presidential term. Mr. Bruni has led FEFANA through a major revamp of its organizational set-up according to a Strategic Plan that was adopted in 2014. He concluded his term of office with a very successful first joint FEFANA-FEFAC stakeholder conference in Brussels on 9 June 2016; including the release of a joint FEFANA-FEFAC “ANIMAL FEED INDUSTRY’S 2030 VISION”.

Mr. Bruni (DSM) will continue his service to FEFANA as one the re-elected Board members besides the also re-elected Mr. Peter Fidder (Trouw Nutrition), Dr. Hans Müschen (BASF) and Ms. Sigrid Pasteiner (Biomin). Dr. Bernadette Okeke (Lallemand) and Ms. Séverine Deschandelliers (Adisseo) were newly elected to the Board replacing Dr. Dieter Greissinger (Evonik) and Ms. Claire Relandeau (Adisseo) who were thanked for their excellent contributions to the steering of FEFANA. Mr. Thomas Hoops (NHU Europe), Mr. Dirk Theissen (Chr. Olesen) and Mr. Jan Poul ten Hove (ADM), who were elected at the FEFANA AGM in 2015, will continue to serve with the Board.

Mr. van der Ven, the new FEFANA President, was born in the Netherlands where he studied process engineering at Twente University. He relocated to Italy some 15 years ago to start his career in the feed additive manufacturing business. Mr. van der Ven currently holds the position of site director at Balchem’s choline chloride facility in Northern Italy. Mr. van der Ven was elected to the FEFANA Board of Directors in 2013. Previous to that, he had been involved in the preparation of the choline chloride reauthorization dossier at FEFANA.

Commenting on his election, Mr. van der Ven stated that “It is inspiring to lead FEFANA in the implementation of the animal feed industry’s 2030 vision and contribute with specialty feed ingredients to the growth, innovation and sustainability of Europe.

FEFANA press release

Mr. Gerritjan van der Ven (left) and Mr. Marco Bruni (right)

FEFANA2 press release

Mr. Gerritjan van der Ven, the new FEFANA President