GlobalVetLINK(GVL®) and Phibro Animal Health Corporationannounced today a partnership for GVL’s electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) System, FeedLINK®.

In preparation for the final VFD implementation on January 1, 2017, Phibro joins GVL in providing the industry with a solution to help make compliance as simple as possible. Phibro’s participation ensures that all label information and instructions for its products requiring a VFD will be complete in the system.

GVL provides a proven system to help our customers manage and implement the VFD process. Partnering with GVL provides a seamless transition to VFDs for our customers so they can maintain the health of the animals in their care,” said Larry Miller, President, Animal Health at Phibro.

GVL’s FeedLINK web-based VFD system provides end-to-end management of VFDs, helping to ensure compliance with the Veterinary Feed Directive for veterinarians, producers and feed manufacturers.

“Working one-on-one with drug manufacturers like Phibro Animal Health Corporation, versus a compendium approach, helps ensure that the drug label information in our FeedLINK VFD solution is complete, accurate and compliant,” said Cliff Smith, GVL Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that this unique approach is necessary to provide veterinarians, feed mills and producers’ confidence that a digital VFD solution actually enables and maintains compliance.”

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