Roxel distributionsRecently directors, sales managers and technical managers of all Roxell top distributors from all over the world gathered in Seville for Roxell’s International Distributor Seminar.

“Taste IT…” was the main theme of this 13th seminar, featuring a “tasty” program full of Information and Technology. This seminar’s agenda was largely devoted to new products and market trends.

Being an innovator, Roxell wants to take a step forward into the digital world.  The scoop of the introduction of a new, user friendly controller, a new Quad heater and the new MiniMax was given by the product managers. Guest speaker Kris Van Daele of Aviagen explained the current situation regarding to animal welfare legislation and trends.

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Gino Van Landuyt, Managing Director of Roxell: “It is great to see how distributors from all over the world share their enthusiasm with each other and perform as one squad. I’m not exaggerating saying that we have the best team in the industry. And that also includes the whole Roxell-crew! Roxell and the local distributors increasingly face bigger, stronger and more demanding customers.  This calls for a collaborative approach whereby we join forces with our distributors to bring the best in products, service and knowledge to the table.

Roxell also awarded several distributors for their efforts during the last 3 years. Among them Hartmann Lebensmitteltechnik (Germany), A.S.A. (Mexico), ACS (Central & South America), Smith Poultry Equipment (US), VSI (Belgium), Agricool (Lebanon) and Sodimel (France). Gérard Nusse from Equipel Plus (France) received a lifetime achievement award for more than 40 years of Roxell-distributorship.