For some time, the methods of rearing pigs have been the focus of attention for more groups than just the pig breeders. The increasing demands from society for added value in animal and environmental protection have already had an impact in many countries on policies on farming techniques. 

The following key issues will be raised in this year's "The Future of Pig Fattening" EuroTier Special Event, which is being organized jointly by the DLG and Bauförderung Landwirtschaft (BFL):

  • Various farming concepts and their management requirements
  • The combination of various floor coverings and apertures
  • Air conditioning of pens
  • Animal health and hygiene management
  • Feeding concepts
  • Fattening with tails in sound condition
  • Alternatives to castration without stunning
  • Alternative marketing channels for fattening pigs
  • Communication
  • Data management and networking


The Special Event is planned to coordinate both in terms of space and in terms of specialist knowledge with the series of lectures in the forum. Independent, acknowledged consultants  will be available  as professional advisers in the Special Event to answer questions and to take part in panel discussions. The DLG shall provide additional support for the issues with an information center providing an information and discussion platform for experts and practitioners at the special event as well via the Pig Forum. 
Pig breeders, who would like to take the opportunity offered by EuroTier to report on their own experiences, for instance, in fattening and marketing of boars or young pigs with long tails, are invited to contact the DLG Competence Center.

EuroTier 2016 is scheduled for November 15-18 in Hanover, Germany.