The new trend of single fixed-time insemination is becoming a more and more popular alternative to the standard practice of multiple inseminations over a a three-day period.

This month's issue of Pig International covers some of the benefits of this new approach, including:


  • ovulation inducers - the use of new ovulation inducters with this approach can affect fertility, number of liveborn pigs and farrowing rate
  • boar selection - controlled ovulation technologies can be effectively employed in boar selection
  • cost and labor - there are considerable economic benefits with the use of single fixed-time insemination, including significant cost savings in the reduction of breeding time
  • semen value - there are potential savings in semen value, but finishing values and other factors should also be considered
  • nonproductive days - single, fixed-time insemination can contribute to a reduction in nonproductive days

Learn more about the popularity behind this new trend in the current issue of Pig International