At a recent meeting to develop poultry farming in Namibia, there was a call for more small producers to participate in farming initiatives to increase national production of poultry meat.

Representing the Trade Forum, Maria Immanuel said that the country’s poultry industry is at an embryonic stage, reports Namibia Economist. She added that one key player, Namibia Poultry Industry (NPI), produces close to 3,500 metric tons (mt) of poultry meat per month, which represents about half of local demand.

The Namibia Trade Forum was a collaboration with the Agriculture Trade Forum, the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization and SME Development, and the event offered an opportunity for the poultry and dairy sectors to share information.


Immanuel said the poultry market is still lucrative and she encouraged local businesses to set up chicken units. She added that because local supplies are not keeping up with growing demand, the import quota has recently been raised from 900 mt per month to 1,500 mt.

Leading the strategy for future growth of Namibia’s poultry industry is Dr. Micheal Humavindu. He said at the meeting that the sector needs to become more industrialized, and that this will lead to the development of enhanced domestic value chains and upgraded manufacturing facilities as well as more employment.

According to a Reuters report published earlier this month, Abilio Diniz, chairman of Brazilian food giant, BRF SA, had revealed his company is considering a possible future investment in Namibia.