BRF intends to create a new subsidiary, Sadia Halal, in an effort to put more a specialized focus on business relating to Muslim markets.

The Brazil-based meat, poultry and food company, in an announcement to the market, stated that Sadia Halal will hold assets related to the production, distribution and sale of food products for Muslim markets, in accordance with studies to be conducted by the company.

BRF Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer Jose Alexadre Carneiro Borges, in the announcement to the market, stated that the company will analyze strategic alternatives for Sadia Halal, enabling the development of its expansion, both in markets served by BRF and markets that to date have not been reached.

Sadia has been a part of BRF since 2009. At that time, BRF was still known as Brasil Foods.  

BRF is one of the world's largest food companies. As the owner of Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy brands, the company has more than 105,000 employees, 35 industrial units in Brazil, 16 plants abroad (nine in Argentina, one in the UK, one in the Netherlands, four in Thailand and one in the United Arab Emirates) and 40 distribution centers. Currently, BRF exports to more than 120 countries.