De Heus (Shanghai) Feed Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of De Heus Animal Nutrition, held a ceremonial opening for its Chinese export operation in the presence of 60 attendees from several vitamin & amino acid suppliers. The ceremony was held on Monday, June 20th, 2016 at the Park Hyatt Shanghai hotel in Pudong.

During the event, Mr. Ben Tacken, Global Director Purchasing & Trading at De Heus, emphasized that the opening of its Shanghai’s office plays a strategic role for De Heus’ growth as it wants to operate closer to micro-ingredient suppliers in the region in order to create a better collaboration and improve the supply chain to its various worldwide feed factories. Mr. Tacken also highlighted that the opening follows De Heus’ commitment in further developing its premix activities which have been recently extended to two new factories in Europe and invited the attendees to join De Heus in its ambitious plan. Mr, Sun Lige, Purchase director of Wellhope, indicated that WellHope will cooperate with De Heus’ activities by helping the Dutch company better understand the Chinese market dynamics.