Dr. Spangler Klopp, veterinarian, Townsends Inc., an integrated US broiler company, called on his colleagues in the poultry industry to speak out regarding use of antibiotics in flock management.

"We in the industry need to be willing to speak up and be proud of what we do,” Klopp said.

“It has almost gotten to the point where we are afraid of speaking about our antibiotic use. We need to be willing to step forward and present this to the consumer advocacy groups."


Klopp was one of three speakers who spoke in a panel discussion (listen to presentation) on the use of antibiotics in animal feeds as part of the inaugural WATT Online Animal Health and Nutrition Forum.

Also participating in the panel discussion, which was moderated by Dr. Peter Ferket from North Carolina State University, were Dr. Lis Alban from the Danish Meat Association and Dr. Hector Cervantes from Phibro Animal Health.

Klopp shared some of his experience working with both conventionally raised and fed broilers and with antibiotic-free birds. He said that the conventionally raised broilers gained 0.0033 more pounds per day and had better livability and lower rates of condemnation at the slaughter plant.