Collaboration between HKScan Finland and think-tank Innokampus continued at the recent Innovation Day organized by HKScan and held at its Vantaa site. The event was a follow-up to InnoDay, the world’s largest mass innovation day.

“We invited young people to further develop the harvest reaped from the InnoDay in May. At that time, the young visionaries offered several viable suggestions for new concepts; now we want to refine them further,” says HKScan Finland’s Mikko Järvinen, Vice President, Marketing. 


HKScan produces, sells and markets high-quality, responsibly-produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and convenience foods.

Innovation Day started with brainstorming about what is missing from the market or how products could be changed to be more appealing to young people. For background, HKScan’s category managers provided insight on product development in their respective areas of responsibility.

The innovators presented their ideas to each other in groups and voted on what they thought were the most viable alternatives for the marketplace. The plans focused on the product concept, the target group and the look of the packaging. 

“The stories supporting the products had been carefully thought through. These young people were able to come up with ideas that are ready for concept testing – I respect that!” Järvinen says. 

The young innovators had the opportunity to give their opinions on products under development and the HK® brand. “Honest feedback from young people is important to us. Throughout the day, we heard several fresh perspectives,” Järvinen says.

He points out that it is important for HKScan Finland to know and understand consumers today and in the future. The company routinely charts consumer opinions and behavior through various forms of market research, including mass innovation tools.