Registering an increase in sales last year, Avi-Top of Romania has announced it is to invest this year in order to boost its production of poultry meat by 10 percent, reports Ziaului Financiar.

Part of the Kosarom Group founded by Neculai Apostol, Avi-Top sales increased 2 percent in 2015 from the year before to break through EUR11 million (US$12.2 million). The integrated company reared 6.5 million chickens and its slaughterhouse has an hourly capacity of 4,000 birds.

“We intend to invest more than EUR3 million in 2016 in live production to increase turnover by more than 10 percent from last year,” sales director, Ciprian Postolache, said.

Avi-Top products are sold through a national supply chain as well as a network of 30 Kosarom stores, which are mainly in the northeastern region of Moldova. According to the report, 2 percent of production is exported.

Parent company Kosarom Group a regional agribusiness leader

The Kosarom Group is a family businesses, and its total turnover is around EUR51 million (US$56.7 million).

According to the web site, Kosarom Group was privatized in 1992, the first company in the food industry in Romania to become family-owned. Now an integrated group, grains produced by Agricola Tg. Frumos form the raw materials for the two feed mills that supply Avi-Top chickens and Suinprod swine.

“Safe feed - Safe food” is an important principle for Kosarom, and it has internationally recognized food safety and environmental certification.

The company says it has invested more than EUR40 million over 5 years, helping it to achieve a regional leadership position among meat and meat processing companies, and a market share approaching 17 percent.

Kosarom’s swine business has a slaughter capacity of 800 animals per 8-hour shift, cutting of 50 metric tons (two shifts), and 50 metric tons of processed and further-processed meat products per day.