Case Farms’ poultry operation in Goldsboro, North Carolina, has achieved the American Humane Certified designation from the American Humane Association, the country’s largest third-party farm animal welfare certification organization.

The association announced on July 14 that Case Farms has met its rigorous farm animal welfare standards necessary to earn the certification.

"As stewards of animals, it's our responsibility to ensure that we handle and treat them in the most humane way" Kevin Phillips, president of Case Farms, said in a press release. "The Case Farms quality commitment is to ensure the welfare and health of our chickens. We are excited for our company and associates at Case Farms LLC of Goldsboro, North Carolina, to be certified by and be given this recognition by American Humane. The certification assures our customers of the commitment and standards set by our company."


"The welfare of America's farm animals is a major concern for millions of consumers," said Kathi Brock, senior advisor for American Humane's farm animal welfare program. "We applaud Case Farms LLC of Goldsboro, North Carolina, for making the humane choice and voluntarily stepping forward to undergo rigorous audits and earn certification from our American Humane Certified program."

Case Farms is a fully integrated poultry company comprised of more than 3,200 employees and 475 grower farms that work together to produce quality chicken products. Founded in 1986 by Thomas R. Shelton, Case Farms now processes 2.9 million birds per week and produces in excess of 800 million pounds of fresh, partially cooked, and frozen-for-export poultry products per year.  Case Farms has four processing facilities and one further processing plant.