New technology to help pig producers eliminate dust, ammonia and pig odor is being developed and implemented by a major Danish air cleaning enterprise.

The clean air helps improve growth rates, as well as providing better conditions for the pigs and the workers and reducing pressure on the environment, says Skov air cleaning system microbiologist Lise Bonne Guldberg.

Tests on a pig farm near the company’s headquarters in Jutland, Denmark, revealed that its AirClean bio system reduced the ammonia content in outlet air to less than 1ppm, while dust content was down by 95% and the smell of pigs was removed.


Guldberg explained that this was achieved by using a complex microbial biofilm and added that the ammonia was transformed into a nitrogenous fertilizer.

She said the system, which can be delivered in module form, or erected on site, could be either attached to the ventilation system outside an old building or, preferably, incorporated in the construction of a new pig unit – and she claimed the payback period was between five and seven years.

Microbiologist Gise Bonne Guldberg with a
model of the novel air cleaning system for pig
units that has been developed  in Denmark.