Hillandale Farms is investing between $60 million and $70 million as it expands its cage-free egg operations in Connecticut.

The company on July 14 announced that it was shifting its production practice from using traditional layer cages to cage-free systems, and part of that shift was the construction of new cage-free chicken houses in both Connecticut and Ohio.

A press release from Connecticut State Sen. Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, revealed more details on the company’s intentions in the state.

According to the release, Hillandale Farms is set to begin construction of the new cage-free egg barns at its location on Bozrah, Connecticut, which is permitted to house up to 2.1 million birds. In addition, a new cage-free growing facility where layer chicks are raised, will be constructed. It will have the capacity to house up to 600,000 birds.


Between the two expansion projects, about 75 new jobs will be created in Connecticut, according to Osten.

“Eastern Connecticut is home to a tremendous number of small, medium and large farms and I am pleased to see this large-scale operation expanding in our district and creating jobs and revenue in our state,” she said in the release.

Osten also praised Hillandale Farms for its commitment to producing cage-free eggs.

“It shows that they are listening to their customers and others who have concerns about the health and safety of the hens on their farms, and are being responsive to those concerns going forward,” she said.