Papa John’s has completed its transition to serving only chicken raised without antibiotics and fed a vegetarian diet for its pizza toppings and chicken poppers.

The third-largest pizza delivery company in the world announced in December 2015 its intent to phase out chicken raised with antibiotics.

“When Papa John’s opened its doors in 1984, I had one goal in mind: Better ingredients, better pizza. Today, our clean label journey remains an essential part of that promise, and our commitment to our customers is as strong as ever,” John Schnatter, founder, chairman and CEO of Papa John’s, said in a press release. “The completion of the transition to raised without antibiotics chciekn toppings on our pizza and poppers is just one better ingredient moment, and we’re excited to show our customers what we have in store for the future.”


Papa John’s announced it completed the transition to chicken raised without antibiotics two days after a rival pizza chain, Papa Murphy’s revealed that all of the chicken it was serving was also raised without antibiotics.

Papa John’s and Papa Murphy’s are the only two major pizza chains to date to complete a switch to using chicken raised without antibiotics. However, Pizza Hut in June announced that it would phase out using chicken raised with the use of antibiotics also used in human medicine, with March 2017 as its completion date.