2016 started out busy with acquisitions in animal feed, nutrition and related industries, with five deals announced in January alone. So far this year, WATT Global Media has reported on 22 acquisitions in the sector.

The acquiring companies range from large feed producers such as agricultural cooperative ForFarmers to vendors such as testing kit supplier Neogen.

ForFarmers is the largest company in WATT’s Top Feed Companies database to complete an acquisition this year. In July, ForFarmers announced it would acquire VleutenSteijnVoeders B.V., a Netherlands-based swine feed company.

Other Top Feed Companies involved in acquisitions in 2016 include: 

  • Nutreco, which acquired South American premix and feed additive company Advit, and Micronutrients, a producer of hydroxy-based trace minerals
  • Royal De Heus, which announced this month that it would acquire Coops Mengvoeders, a compound feed producer for pigs and cattle
  • Royal Agrifirm, which acquired Polish compound feed company Paszmark
  • AB Agri, which acquired AgroKorn, a Danish developer and producer of animal nutrition products, premix, milk replacers and alternative proteins
  • InVivo, which acquired Popular Feedmill Corp. in the Philippines, Agrindustria in Italy, and Daavision in the Netherlands


2016 acquisitions by Top Feed Companies

Company Headquarters location Actual production x1000 metric tons (2014) 2016 acquisitions Type of company acquired
ForFarmers B.V. Netherlands 6,490 VleutenSteijnVoeders B.V. Swine feed
Nutreco Netherlands 5,900 Advit

Premix and feed additive

Hydroxy-based trace minerals
Royal De Heus Netherlands 4,600 Coops Mengvoeders Compound feed for pigs and cattle
Royal Agrifirm Netherlands 4,250 Paszmark Compound feed
AB Agri United Kingdom 2,227 AgroKorn Animal nutrition products, premix, milk replacers and alternative proteins
InVivo NSA France 2,400 Popular Feedmill Corp.


Pig, poultry, aquaculture, and pet feed

Analytical laboratory

Animal feed additives


Alltech has been the busiest on the acquisition front, acquiring four companies in the sector this year. InVivo has acquired three; Evonik and Nutreco each have acquired two; and Nuscience, Camlin Fine Sciences, Neogen, Bühler, Chr. Hansen, Pancosma, Pestell Minerals, Royal De Heus, Royal Agrifirm and AB Agri each acquired one.

Find out more about these companies in WATT Global Media’s Top Feed Companies database.

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