The U.S.-based Poultry Science Association held its 105th Annual Meeting in mid-July in New Orleans. In 16 sessions on Vitamins and Minerals, two presentations focused on Animine zinc (HiZox®) and copper (CoRouge®) products.

One study from INRA (Nouzilly, France) compared the bioavailability of various zinc sources. Not only was HiZox significantly more bioavailable than zinc oxide products, but also than zinc sulphate. In vivo and in vitro experiments from UAB (Barcelona, Spain) compared the new copper compound from Animine to the standard copper sulphate.

Compared to the nutritional dosage which is also the legal limit in the EU (maximum 25 mg/kg of dietary Cu concentration), two higher dosages (150 and 300 mg/kg) were tested. The only significant improvement in growth performance was observed when broilers were fed 150 mg/kg Cu from CoRouge.


In vitro studies measured the interaction between copper doses/sources and phytate/phytase addition, at different pH levels. It showed that high dosages of a water soluble Cu source like copper sulphate will decrease the solubility of phytate phosphorous, which thus reduce the efficacy of phytase for PP hydrolysis.

CoRouge is being launched 2016/2017.