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The Country Hen
Officials from The Country Hen hosted regional dignitaries as they learned more about the organic egg company's expansion efforts and move toward utilizing solar power. | The Country Hen
on August 8, 2016

The Country Hen expanding egg operations

Once projects are completed, The Country Hen will increase production by 75 percent and all of its energy will be provided by solar power

Organic egg company The Country Hen is expanding its facility in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, and working toward completion of renewable energy project that would allow the facility to be completely powered by solar energy.

The company recently hosted a list of dignitaries to showcase its latest projects. Those dignitaries include U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, State Sen. Anne Gobi and State Rep. Donald Berthiamue.

Facility expansion

The Country Hen is expanding its organic egg operations at the farm in Hubbardston. Upon completion, the facility will have three new barns that will enable the company to increase its production there by 75 percent.

The barns will utilize a porch design, which will give the hens access to the outdoors while still being protected from predators. The porch system also meets FDA egg safety requirements and affords the company a means for practical manure management and disease prevention, according to a press release from the company.

Company converting to solar power

While meeting with the public officials, The Country Hen also is working on a project to have its facility completely powered by solar energy. Once completed, all of the energy needed for the main farm, including all of the barns, the processing room and feed mill, will use 100 percent solar power.

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