Aviagen® S.A.U. hosted a two-day seminar for its customers recently in Barcelona. The seminar was organized to celebrate 60 years of Ross®, the market leader in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

More than 80 percent of the company’s customers from the Iberian Peninsula market attended the seminar, which was opened by Aviagen S.A.U. General Manager Sergio Illán.

The seminar focused on aspects of breeder and broiler production and also addressed the economics behind the poultry industry. Aviagen experts and guest speakers shared their knowledge on a number of key management strategies, nutrition, R &D and gut microbiology.

César Dominguez, a private consultant, and Susana Mas from the ESADE Business School provided informative presentations on leadership and productivity and how to build a proper profit and loss account.


Attendees enjoyed a culinary social event in the form of a master chef contest where they were tasked with preparing recipes from several countries around the world.

“This seminar was a celebration of 60 years of the Ross brand, which has been so important to our customers. Ross has been in the region since 1985 and has grown to become the brand of choice,” said Illán. “We organized the event to demonstrate a long-term commitment to our customers and to update them on different aspects of the business. It is important that we continue to support our

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended. The wealth of information provided will help us consistently grow as a business with the Ross brand,” said Professor Manuel Soares, Quinta de Freiria. “We also enjoyed the cook-off event. It was a really innovative way to help our team bond, plus the incentive of winning a trip to Edinburgh really got our competitive juices flowing.”