Three layer farms in Algeria have been affected by avian infectious bronchitis (AIB), leading to the loss of 15,000 birds.

Algeria’s national veterinary service on August 11 reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) that the virus had been detected at three farms in the north-central portion of the country. Birds at the layer farms in July were showing signs of respiratory problems and were experiencing increased mortality. Testing was conducted at Algeria’s Central Veterinary Laboratory, and those tests showed positive for AIB.

According to the OIE, this is the first occurrence of AIB in Algeria since 1988.

At the largest of the three farms, 3,059 birds died as a result of contracting infectious brochitis, with the remaining 2,341 susceptible hens being destroyed. The other two farms had 1,300 and 2,378 birds die, with the remaining 3,500 and 2,422 birds being destroyed, respectively. Disinfection procedures have been initiated at all three locations.

The source of the infections has not yet been determined.

OIE stated that it will continue to submit weekly reports until the infectious bronchitis situation in Algeria until it considers it to be resolved.