Meyn has started to expand its plant in Lębork, Poland, with the goal of providing the best delivery times for the company's fast-growing drawer arrival and CAS system. Meyn expects to complete this expansion project in January 2017 and be fully operational in June 2017.

Meyn’s unique drawer arrival and CAS system is recognized by the European animal welfare organization Eyes on Animals as having with the lowest stress levels during the arrival and stunning processes.


At the same time, the company will enhance the production space, allowing the optimization of production flow from beginning to end to achieve processes that will run unhampered and smoothly. The new layout will be an open, transparent work environment, which in turn will stimulate teamwork and cooperation.

“The new factory supports the most efficient production flow and significant waste reduction,” says Dariusz Karaś, Managing Director of the Polish Meyn facility. “Additionally, our commitment to continuously improve our processes and expertise of our staff ensures we can meet the challenges ahead.”