Cherkizovo has launched a new halal export brand, Dajajti, after it received licenses to export poultry products to the Middle East.

Halal, food prepared in adherence to the rules of slaughter based on Islamic law, is one of the most rapidly developing trends in the food industry. Cherkizovo Group is the first Russian meat producer to launch its second halal brand with a thoroughly designed naming and unique visual identity. Dajajti, which means “my chicken,” is a brand aimed primarily at the markets outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) states. This is in contrast to Cherkizovo’s first halal brand, Latifa, which is only sold within the domestic market and the CIS countries.

Cherkizovo’s marketing department developed the brand concept for Dajajti from scratch and it is designed in the company’s corporate color scheme. It was first presented in Dubai where it received positive feedback for its design, visual identity and overall perception.

Food exports to Muslim countries are thoroughly examined to ensure they fully adhere to halal standards. Three Cherkizovo poultry houses received export licenses after the production facilities were certified by the Halal Center of Moscow. Their adherence to halal standards has been also confirmed by the veterinary services of the Arab Republic of Egypt and United Arab Emirates.